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Abhidhanantar, a quarterly edited by Hemant Divate, was one of the foremost little magazines in Marathi. It saw uninterrupted publication for almost a decade and half. It was one of the earliest literary magazines and a literary movement in Marathi to recognize and respond creatively to the powerful forces of globalization which were rapidly transforming Indian society, culture and life. Abhidhana...

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It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men - Frederick Douglass.

Children are the foundation of any society. The stronger the foundation, the more empowered and strong the future will be.

Children are the future. The development of our society and the world depends on them.

Imli is dedicated to empowering children and young adults.

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Paperwall - the imprint is dedicated to Fiction and Non-Fiction.

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"Sunshine" is a welcome thing. It brings a lot of brightness" - Jimme Davis.

With our new imprint - PoetryPrimero, we intend to do just that - Spread a lot of sunshine. It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to present our new imprint PoetryPrimero, which is solely dedicated to publishing and giving a strong platform to new talent in poetry writing by publishing their fir...

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In today’s times, trying to publish something as niche as poetry and then making it reach out to a minority audience scattered in an overflowing, frivolous market, with no media support and attention given to this wonderful facet of literature, requires immense commitment and an adventurous spirit. Poetrywala - the imprint is devoted entirely to publishing contemporary poetry. It started ten year...

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Shakti means power or empowerment and is the primordial cosmic energy, which represents the dynamic forces that are believed to move through the entire universe according to Hinduism. Shakti is the concept or personification of the feminine power manifesting itself universally as a creative force and also as a powerful agent of all change for the betterment in this universe.

SuShakti the imprin...

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