Carefully Curated
We have been part of the publishing industry for the past 25 years.

We began in 1992 with Abhida, a journal dedicated to Marathi poetry, which later metamorphosed into a quarterly – Abhidhanantar which redefined and refined the way Marathi poetry was received till then by its readers and presented fantastic contemporary Marathi poets and their works, essays and literary criticism. This paved the way to getting books of Marathi poetry being published under the imprint Abhidhanantar.

Poetrywala was born later but has carved a niche space for itself with sheer hard work and dedication towards poetry in totality. English poetry and translations started getting published under this imprint. More than 100 exquisite books of poetry have been published till date.

Paperwall Media & Publishing Pvt. Ltd. is founded by Hemant Divate and Smruti Divate with a sole reason to publish books of excellent quality in respect to content and reproduction. It is with Paperwall that we seek to carry our literary aspirations into the realm of prose, fiction, critical essays, and writing for young adults.

Now, we have taken a step further and diversified our self to cater to more genres of literature. With the following imprints: Paperwall - for fiction & nonfiction, Poetrywala - for poetry, Imli - for kids and teenagers, SuShakti - is focused on the "Su" or supreme empowerment of the woman or the "Shakti," PoetryPrimero is solely dedicated to publishing and giving a strong platform to new talent in poetry writing by publishing their first book of poetry and Abhidhanantar – a quarterly dedicated to Literature and Arts, in Marathi. We are looking forward to providing quality reading worldwide through our books of literature and utility.

In addition to the printed page, we intend to make our books available on various digital and multimedia platforms.